Nov. 29th, 2013

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Just a reminder that tomorrow (November 30) is the LAST DAY FOR ARTIST CHECK-INS! If you haven't checked in, please do so right away, or you risk losing your spot in the exchange! (We use the check-ins to determine where we might need pinch hitters for abandoned assignments.)

Other Important Dates:

DECEMBER 1: Stocking stuffers and weekly open prompts begin (Both are open to anyone, even if you are not in the formal exchange this year! Stocking stuffer claims will be casual, first-come, first serve and entirely optional.)

DECEMBER 4: Posting of gift art begins! (If you're able to get your art in early, please do!)

DECEMBER 8: First claims due.

DECEMBER 15: Second claims due.

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Welcome to Yuletart, the multi-fandom holiday fan art exchange! Yuletart provides artists of all skill levels and across all fandoms a place to create art, share their work and have fun.

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