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Mod Post: Submission Instructions

Important Dates

  • November 24-30: MANDATORY ARTIST CHECK-IN. It's really important that you check-in during this time, as we will otherwise assume that you've dropped out of the exchange.

  • December 1: Stocking stuffers and pinch hit claims open. Any unassigned prompts will be available for stocking stuffers.

  • December 8: Primary claims due. (We encourage you to submit early if you're able!)

  • December 15: Secondary claims due, if applicable.

How to Submit Your Completed Art

To submit your finished art, please complete the steps below in order:
  1. Upload your images to your own preferred image host. (Yuletart will not be hosting images this year. This both helps the mods and gives you more control over your images.) If you don't already have a means to upload and hotlink your images, there are a multitude of options available, including Photobucket, Imgur, and the photo gallery included with LiveJournal accounts. Please note: We encourage you to sign your image (and/or add your blog's URL on the side of the image in a small font), as we will not be adding a Yuletart watermark this year.

  2. In an email, please include the following:
    • Subject for Main Claims: Art for YOUR RECIPIENT by YOUR NAME (Example: Art for Glockgal by Alchemy)
      Subject for Stocking Stuffers: Stocking Stuffer for YOUR RECIPIENT by YOUR NAME
      Subject for Challenge Art: Challenge Art by YOUR NAME

    • Email body: Copy/paste and fill out the following information. You should replace anything in (parentheses). DO NOT CHANGE ANY FORMATTING. If you are submitting weekly challenge art, you may remove the "For:" line.

  3. Submit the email to: yuletart at gmail dot com

We will send you a reply to confirm receipt and ask any potential questions prior to posting. Please give it a few days before writing to ask if we received your art, as we generally receive most art in the exchange all at once, and it takes time to check over all the submitted info.