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Weekly Challenge #1 and a Request

As you've probably seen, stocking stuffer claims are now open! Details are here.


In past years we've always gotten loads of art early, but wouldn't you know it, the one year we count on this, we've only gotten a few. If you're able to turn in your art before the deadline, please do! Thanks in advance!

Weekly Challenge #1: WARM DRINKS!

Each week during December, we'll post a special challenge "theme" on Sunday, and artists will have through the following Saturday to turn in art based on that theme. Here's the details:
  • ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE WEEKLY CHALLENGE! And when we say anyone, we mean anyone: If you wanted to participate in the main exchange this year but were unable to, here's your chance! Artists do not have to have signed up for the formal exchange to submit weekly challenge art. (Just make sure you're aware of our guidelines before submitting.)

  • Art can be for ANY fandom.

  • There is no limit for how many submissions you can make for the weekly challenge.

  • If you're taking part in the main exchange, you must have already submitted art for your first assignment to participate in a weekly challenge.

  • Submission instructions are here. (This is also linked on the community sidebar.)