Nov. 30th, 2013

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If we did not receive a comment from you in the Artist Check-In, you will have received a reminder email from us today. Checking in is the second most important part of the Yuletart process after turning in art, so if you haven't done so, please leave a comment to the post ASAP!

Pinch Hitters Needed

We've had one artist drop out, so we will need at least one pinch hitter to ensure that everyone receives giftart this year. Pinch hits are not due until December 22.

If you are available to pinch hit this year, please comment to this post letting us know! We'll send you an email with details if we end up needing your help. Thanks in advance! :)

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Welcome to Yuletart, the multi-fandom holiday fan art exchange! Yuletart provides artists of all skill levels and across all fandoms a place to create art, share their work and have fun.

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