Nov. 6th, 2013

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All assignments for the formal 2013 Yuletart Exchange have been handed out! If you used a Dreamwidth journal to make claims, your assignment was provided in a reply to your claims comment. If you were anonymous, you have been sent an email. If you have not received your assignment or there is something wrong with the assignment you received, please let us know ASAP.

Make sure you reply to your assignment so that we know you received it!

We gave the few late folks a day's extension; if you missed that, you've unfortunately missed being part of the formal exchange this year. However, stocking stuffers and weekly prompts will be open to EVERYONE, so keep a weather eye out for those once December rolls around!

Looks like we're going to have another great exchange this year. Have fun and get creative! ♥

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Welcome to Yuletart, the multi-fandom holiday fan art exchange! Yuletart provides artists of all skill levels and across all fandoms a place to create art, share their work and have fun.

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