Oct. 29th, 2013

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This year, we have 35 artists and a whopping 166 prompts in the exchange, wow! Thanks to everyone who promoted the exchange, you were an amazing help!

If you've signed up, YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN A CONFIRMATION, either by comment or email. If you haven't, contact us at yuletart (at) gmail (dot) com IMMEDIATELY!

Onto what you're really interested in: Prompts claims!

How to Claim Prompts

  1. Go to the prompts post and make a list of the numbers you'd be interested in creating art for, in order of preference.

    • There is a quick reference list of fandoms here to help make browsing easier.

    • Your list may be as long as you like, but it must have AT LEAST three options. More is preferred.

  2. Copy the form below, fill it out and leave a comment to this post. Comments will be screened.

  3. That's it!

You will see that on the form is an option to complete TWO pieces of art. This isn't required, however, keep in mind that the due date for second claims is one week later than the due date for first claims, so if you take that option, you will be given a little extra time to complete it. Check out the schedule for more information.

Also note that there will be an opportunity to pick up pinch hits, stocking stuffers and random prompts later in the season.

Claim Form

Please delete/replace any directions in (parentheses). Please list your claim numbers like so, listing ONLY NUMBERS and not descriptions:

Our prompts are not assigned first-come, first-served, so you will not be penalized for not submitting immediately.

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Welcome to Yuletart, the multi-fandom holiday fan art exchange! Yuletart provides artists of all skill levels and across all fandoms a place to create art, share their work and have fun.

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