Oct. 15th, 2013

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Oops, we got started on this a bit later than we thought today. We extended the sign-ups an additional day to make up for it. Thanks for your patience!

BEFORE YOU SIGN UP, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU'VE READ THE FAQ! This ensures that you understand precisely what Yuletart is about and what will be expected of you as a participant. Thank you!


You can see the full schedule here.
October 15 - 28: Sign-Ups are open via screened comments to this post. All sign-up prompts will be compiled into a post for claiming. Artists will have their personal info removed from their prompts and will be assigned a number which others may then claim.
October 29 - November 4: Prompts claiming. (Also screened.)
November 8: The mods will hand out assignments by replying to comments in the claims post. (Anyone without a Dreamwidth account will have their assignment emailed.)

Please remember that by signing up for Yuletart, you're agreeing to complete at least one piece of art for someone else before the deadline, and that you will put thought and effort into your art.

How to Sign Up

When you sign up, you're submitting prompts for the art you'd like to receive. (In other words, art someone else will make for you!) You will later get the chance to claim the art you'd like to give.
  1. Copy the form from the text box below and fill out all of the information.

    • You may submit up to FIVE prompts. These prompts are listed on the form as A-E.

    • Prompts should be listed in order of preference, with A being the prompt you want filled the most and E being the prompt you want filled the least.

    • You do not have to submit all five prompts. Just bear in mind that you're more likely to have one of your prompts claimed if you offer a variety of options.

    • Prompts may be from the same or different fandoms and may feature the same or different characters. Again, bear in mind that keeping your prompts diverse increases the likelihood of someone claiming one.

    • The best prompts have strong, engaging ideas but aren't too confining in their details. It's better to say "I'd love this pairing in a steampunk setting" than "I want this pairing in a steampunk setting in London with green hats and buckled shoes as they chase after a purple people eater who has just killed the queen and is trying to escape back to its home planet using a jet umbrella."

    • Please keep your prompts as brief as possible.

    • "Highest Rating" is the highest rating of art you're comfortable with receiving for that particular prompt. Remember that Yuletart does not accept anything above an R ("Mature") rating, so please don't ask for anything explicit.

  2. Paste the ENTIRE FORM into a comment to this post.

  3. If you've pasted correctly, your prompts will be inside a scrolling text box in your comment. (This is to help the mods with all the copy/pasting.)

Example )

Please note that unlike past years, we're not concerned with what you call a fandom. (For example, it's fine to simply say "My Chemical Romance" rather than "bandom.")

If you have any questions, please comment to the FAQ post, as we may miss it if you comment here!

Get creative and have fun,
Your Yuletart Mods

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