yuletart_mods ([personal profile] yuletart_mods) wrote in [community profile] yuletart2013-12-29 03:12 pm

happy yuletart, ratcreature!

Title: I'll build it myself
By: Kath_Ballantyne
For: ratcreature
Media Used: Coloured pencil
Rating: G
Fandom(s): Iron Man (Movieverse)
Warnings: None
Summary: Tony's built himself a family
Notes: I ended up having to create this when I was away from home and busy making presents for family and so it was done in coloured pencil instead of my usual digital art. As a result it's rather unpolished but I hope it conveys the right message. I love the fact that Tony has literally made his own family. The text on the window is basically unreadable but I don't have Photoshop on my laptop so I couldn't fix it digitally. It's meant to say "I thought Miss Potts would enjoy this scene. Merry Christmas Sir" and was the only way I could think to include JARVIS and I love to include JARVIS.

(Click for full size!)

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