yuletart_mods ([personal profile] yuletart_mods) wrote in [community profile] yuletart2013-12-26 02:05 pm

Happy Yuletart, Aredblush!

Title: Pay Attention to Furigana, Teacher
By: Yuite Dio
For: aredblush
Media Used: Digital
Rating: G
Fandom(s): Pacific Rim
Warnings: None
Summary: Stacker Pentecost reads a book to little Mako.
Notes: Stacker misread the kanji 生. That kanji is part of the word 生きる (ikiru), so he read the verb 生える (haeru) as "ieru." The sentence he reads aloud means "In summer the flowers grow." In response to Mako's correction, he says "that's right, isn't it..." Thank you to aredblush for the adorable prompt! Happy holidays!

(Click for full size!)

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