yuletart_mods ([personal profile] yuletart_mods) wrote in [community profile] yuletart2013-12-22 06:26 am

happy yuletart, ani_bester!

Title: Hellfire
By: Melisus
For: Ani_bester
Media Used: Mixed media (primarily watercolour; plus marker, inks, pastels)
Rating: G
Fandom(s): Invaders/Supernatural
Summary: Chasing Nazis was easier work
Notes: Even though I've only seen the first two seasons of Supernatural, this was a fun prompt to really get my mind working. Maybe TOO fun. I liked the idea of the Torches as supernatural beings (and therefore the "villains"), plus I know how much you love Jim and Toro. I hadn't worked with watercolours in forever, but mixing the warm colours was a lot of fun.

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